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​My inspiration for this hoodie was to challenge the basic form of a hoodie.  Take the normal fit and style of a hoodie and mix things up a bit.  I wanted to add random seam lines and bright contrasting colors to show the detail in the design.  I made it look like it only had one pocket but I also put a zipper pocket in the seam of the diagonal to still give it the feel of a hoodie with two pockets.  This provides a safe place for items you don't want to slip out.

When designing this shirt, I wanted to use unique seam placement and pocket design.  I also wanted to create a pullover that was thinner than a sweatshirt, but thicker than a long sleeve shirt.  I used an interlock knit to create this garment because it is lightweight but also durable.  For the color scheme, I chose contrasting brown and black colors to bring out the seam lines.

Challenging the basic styles of swimwear inspired this swim line.  I wanted to stray from the basic halter-top swimsuit.  The fabrics of the suits are disperse dyed and the print is hand drawn.  The backs of the suits are the focus.  They have unique cross patterns with some braiding incorporated in them.

After doing a great amount of trend and color research I started to design these hoodies.  I wanted to keep the brand Quiksilver in mind, but expand the design a little.  I put some seams into this hoodie to create a cool color design when different color ways were put into the different sections.  Using solid color with patterned fabric really brought out the design and made this simple hoodie design look more complex.

This t-shirt was hand-dyed and then screen-printed.  The dying technique was a simple blue dye bath and then the bottom was then put in a pink dye bath to create the purple.  I also designed the screen print graphic.

This casual wear line was designed to add a little spunk to the everyday staple garments.  The hoodies were designed to be loose fitting and have different seam lines to add detail.  The dress is a simple silhouette and has some braid details in the front that come apart to go into the design in the back.

This hoodie and boardshort combo was designed with the surfer and boarder in mind.  The hoodie is made with a light black suiting material and fully lined.  I wanted this hoodie to be comfortable and useful, but also trendy so that as soon as they were off the water and out with friends, it was still fashionable.  The boardshorts have a simple fly front and then seam lines throughout to accentuate design lines.

This key chain was designed during my internship at Quiksilver.  I added a bottle opener key chain that resembles a key with the Quiksilver logo on it.  The other side has a ring that can hold the things on your key chain with a small hook.  The center attachment part of this key chain can be separated in two when you need only one side of the keys.

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